Terence Crutcher's Death

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Tulsa police officer, Betty Shelby, shot an unarmed black man after his car was found abandoned in the middle of the road. Federal, State, and local authorities have launched investigations into the officer shooting. Tiffany Crutcher, the victim 's twin sister, has urged prosecutors to press charges immediately. Terence Crutcher was shot and killed after he ignored direct orders from the officers confronting him, and as officers thought he was reaching for a weapon. There was no weapon found on him, or in his vehicle. Suspicion has risen if he was intoxicated while being confronted, due to the way he responded to an officer pointing a gun at him. PCP was found in Terence 's SUV, but no information has been released if he was intoxicated during his death. Two different sides of the story are being taken into account, as one is coming from…show more content…
But Terence was able to walk back to his vehicle. And once he reached his car, he put down one of his hands, which gave off the illusion to the officers that he was reaching for something. At this moment one of the officers tased him, and officer Betty shot him. I do believe that shooting him was overreacting a bit, due to the fact that Terence was walking back to his vehicle calmly with no sudden movements. Tasing Terence was the right thing to do when he had gotten back to his vehicle, and when it looked like he was reaching in it. For officer Betty Shelby, I do believe that charges should be pressed, and that she should not be able to continue police work. Due to the fact that she has taken a life only under suspicion of a weapon. When an officer shoots their gun, they do not shoot with the intent to kill, but they shoot to stop the opposing threat. The threat in this case was never truly identified as a threat, thus making this shooting unlawful. In other instances, if the opposing threat is brandishing a weapon, then law enforcement do have the right to retaliate by shooting their guns, as this is part of their

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