Teresa Giudice In Prisons

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Teresa Giudice is set to be out of prison in less than 10 days and now everyone wants to see her big reunion with her family. On December 23, Teresa will be done with her time in prison and released to go home. Radar Online is now sharing that Giudice doesn 't want the Bravo cameras there for The Real Housewives of New Jersey while it all goes down. Officials would never agree to letting the cameras be there to watch Giudice leave. They have not allowed any filming inside the prison while she has been there, but of course Bravo was able to hear Giudice 's voice through the phone. A source revealed how Teresa Giudice wants her departure from prison to all go down. Teresa just wants to be reunited with her family, and get out of there with…show more content…
Teresa and Joe Giudice are ready to be with each other once again. It will only last for a few months though because Joe Giudice will be headed to prison in 2016. It has now been revealed that Joe will also be there when she gets out later this month. Joe will definitely be there as Teresa is released and decisions will be made about the girls as well. It 's more of a safety issue, not wanting the kids to be caught up in media frenzy. Teresa would like to keep some moments private as she reunites with her family. Teresa Giudice can 't wait to be home for Christmas and she has already made a few gifts for her family while she was behind bars. Teresa actually told Joe how she wanted the house decorated so it will all be taken care of when she gets home from prison. Star Pulse shared that once Teresa Giudice is home she will be wearing an ankle bracelet and be confined to her house for a bit. She will be under house arrest until February, so there won 't be much time for her to go out on the town with Joe considering that is when he is headed to jail. They will only have a week or two at most where they are allowed to go out in public before Joe heads to jail himself. They were very lucky that the judge allowed them to serve their time
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