Teresa In The Kayak

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Teresa is a sixteen year old girl, who is in a wheelchair, in the short story “The Kayak” by Debbie Spring. Teresa is brave, heroic and insecure. In the beginning of the story, Teresa is brave. When she saw the clouds moving in, she knew that it was a sign of a storm. Teresa was heading back until she notices a windsurf out of control. It states “The clouds moved in, warning signs. I turn the kayak and head back to shore” (Spring 33). This proves that Teresa did not panic when she saw a windsurfer, who has lost his control, heading for her way. Instead, she was calm and stayed in control of her kayak. Throughout the story, Teresa became a hero to the windsurfer, Jamie: ““Drop the sail!” I call. I reach into the cockpit and take out a rope “Hold
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