Teresa Of Avila's Influence In The Roman Catholic Church

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Did you know Teresa of Avila was very influential in the Roman Catholic Church? She had a very successful life as a nun. Teresa practiced mental prayer which impacted society. Her career was extraordinary alongside her contributions to the world. “The important thing is not to think much, but to love much.” -Teresa of Avila This quote as well as many others, proves that she was a strong believer in love too. Teresa always had a spotlight on others and religion. Teresa of Avila was welcomed into the world in Avila, Spain on March 28th, 1515. She was born during the Age of Exploration. She was born to parents who were both strongly Catholic. Growing up she was deeply connected with religion. She was close to her mother, due to her father’s strictness. She also had natural charm which made it easy to make friends. As a teenager, her mother died and she became even more religious at this time to cope with her traumatic loss. At age sixteen, she was sent to convent school by her father. Teresa decided to become a nun after convent school. Her father was against the idea, however she did not listen. Soon after becoming a nun, she came down with Malaria. The illness gave her extreme pains for a long time and pain throughout life. During the time that she was ill, Teresa had spiritual visions. She shared these experiences and part of the clergy assumed they were delusions of the devil. Teresa lost confidence in practicing prayers from this, however she

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