Teri Gaby Analysis

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This image is about a soldier named Terri Gurrola the captain and now was th doctor of their team who is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months. She meet her daughter on the 11th of September 2007 at Atlanta airport. Her daughter named Gaby was only two when she leave her so she was afraid that Gaby would forget who she was. Terri Gurrola tosses herself to the floor to embrace her kid. She turned out to be so passionate to embrace and see her little girl again. She was crying tears of delights for the fact that Gaby hadn 't forgotten her after 7 month away from her. I think the message of this still image is that the soldier needs to sacrifices a lot of stuff in order to protect us all. In this picture, Terri Gurrola had to leave her 2 years old daughter. Being out there was difficult for her, not only because she was missing her daughter terribly, but because she was the only woman in the entire battalion. If you are a soldier than your first priority is your job not your family. I feel sorry for the mom because she had to stay away from her daughter since she was a soldier and have to protect her country and all of us but I am really sad…show more content…
I know this since Terri Gurrola is hugging her daughter Gaby so tightly and crying. This picture mainly frames Terri Gurrola and Gaby and in the background there is someone 's legs. The camera shot in this picture is eye level mid shot because it shows us the perfect facial reactions of the soldier. they didn 't take a close-up because than the viewer won 't be able to tell what 's going on and what is their body language. The camera angle used in this image is low camera angle because they want the viewer to focus on the soldier (Terri Gurrola) and the kid (Gaby) and since the soldier is on hr knee hugging the kid, they had to take it from low
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