Termentos Movie Analysis

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Set in the not so distant America that is marred with endless world war, high unemployment, civil direst, and starvation , TERMINUS is a unique alien encounter film.

TERMINUS starts with a covert government agency tracking down meeting with an old blind man in the desert who can now see after a meteor drops from the sky and he touches it. He isn 't the first this has happened to, and the men in black have been following the trail of unexplained healings.

Next we 're introduced to David Chamberlain (Jai Koutrae), a broken man, who recently lost his wife and is now struggling to connect with his daughter, Annabelle (Kendra Appleton) over the grief. After a night of drinking, David gets into a wreak after being struck by the blinding light let off the plummeting space debris.
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Zach, lives at a nearby veteran rehabilitation center. After Zach 's leg grows back, he 's fully invested in aiding David with the daunting task.

While this is going on, the government-types are keen to David and have their doubts about his re-grown kidney. They turn up the notch in order to find the life-creating space organism because they believe it could decide victory in not sure the wars, but over the larger problem of starvation.

On top of all these issues, David has to win back the trust of Annabelle before the impending destruction of mankind.

(and you thought grocery shopping was stressful)

TERMINUS, is the rare indie sci-fi with big ideas that actually pulls it off. Centering on raw human drama above special effects, aids this unique take on the story of Noah 's Ark. Punctuated by strong performance and smart direction (Marc Furmie) , TERMINUS was not only an enjoyable experience, but thought-provoking as well.

If you enjoy smart sci-fi you won 't want to miss it. On VOD
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