Terminal And Terminal Value: Positive And Terminal Values

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Values can be termed as a broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over others.
Values tend to form the foundation of our understanding of motivation or attitudes of people. They are the ones that influence our perceptions. When we enter into an organization we tend to have some pre conceived notions about what is right and what is wrong. Theses perceptions have our interpretation of our behaviors or outcomes which lead to clouding of rationality and objectivity.
Values can be a judgmental element of finding out the right, good or desirable. Values can be classified as Terminal and as Instrumental Values.
Terminal Values refer to the desirable end-states of existence that a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime. Instrumental on the other hand are preferable modes of behavior to achieve the terminal values.
The value system can be defined as the hierarchy of values of an individual in terms of their intensity.
Values can be a crucial element in understanding behavior, allowing a person to access what is just fair and just and the sacrifice they are willing to put to obtain something.

Rokeach Value Survey:
The survey was created by Milton Rokeach which consisted of two set of values with 18 individual value items. The value items were bisected into two parts namely Instrumental and terminal as discussed above.
The terminal value examples are Freedom, Economic Success, Health, Well-being, World Peace, Prosperity, Social Recognition, Life Meaning

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