Terminal Illness Thesis

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This chapter presents the summary of the study, conclusions drawn from the findings and the recommendations based from the result of the study.

Restatement of the Problem The researchers wanted to find out the realizations of the patient who survived her terminal illness.
1. What is her illness?
2. What is her life story in relation to:
a. Family
b. Education
c. Occupation
d. Civil Status
3. What was her condition before, during, and after her illness?
a. Physical
b. Emotional
c. Spiritual
d. Financial
4. What is her realization in relation from:
a. Illness
b. Role in the Family

There was one (1) respondent who was involved in this study coming from Capas, Agoo, La Union. The respondent was chosen
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The respondent financial life turns to normal.

4. a. Illness. The respondent realized that having that kind of illness was too hard and scary knowing that her life might end any time. About death, Margaret realized that she was not yet ready and too scared to leave her loved ones. Her illness taught her to laugh more, love more and live more.
b. Role in the Family. The respondent realized that her role in their family being the eldest is very challenging. She felt that beside to her parents, she is also responsible to her younger siblings. She realized that she is weak without her family. The respondent realized that she is not alone during her illness. The support of her family, other people and God gave her the strength to fought back and overcome her illness.

Conclusion Based from the findings of the study, the following conclusions are drawn:
1. She is a teacher by profession and have been survived is a 45 years old. The respondent is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in secondary education and currently a high school teacher in one of the school in Agoo, La union. She is a Born Again Christian. The respondent had experience and survived in terminal

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