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ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate cardio protective effect of Terminalia arjuna and Draksharistam on isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction. This extract of Terminalia arjuna in the dose 0.2mg/kg and Draksharistam in the dose of 0.5ml/kg was administered orally for 14 days before isoproterenol administration to test the cardio protective effect. Isoproterenol was administered subcutaneously on 15th and 16th day, in order to induce myocardial infarction. Various Histopathological parameters are evaluated to test their cardio protective effect. The result shows that the Ayurvedic medicine has significant cardio-protective activity against isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction. KEYWORDS: Terminalia arjuna, Draksharistam,…show more content…
MYOCARDIAL INFRACTION Myocardial infarction (MI) or acute myocardial infarction (AMI), commonly known as a heart attack. It occurs when blood flow stops to a particular part of the heart, that causes damage to the heart muscle and it is an irreversible damage of myocardial tissue caused by chronic ischemia and hypoxia. This most commonly occurs when a coronary artery becomes blocked following the rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque, which results in the formation of a blood clot (coronary thrombosis). EFFECTS OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE TERMINALIA ARJUNA: The effective ayurvedic medicine terminalia arjuna is used for disorders of heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease) including cardiac disease and related chest pain ,hypertension( high blood pressure) and high cholesterol. This herb nourishes the heart muscles and provide cardiac health. In order to maintain proper functioning of circulatory system, it helps in vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and vasodilation (opening or widening of the blood vessels). Several conditions like cardiopulmonary arrest ( heart failure), irregular pulses(heart beat), and coronary artery disease is treated with its bark. Terminalia arjuna is more efficacious than nitroglycerine and it helps in reverse hardening of the arteries. Thus, Arjuna successfully decreases angina…show more content…
GROUP-5: Termed as Mixture group1 receiving extract of Terminalia Arjuna and Draksaristam in High Dose daily for14 days at an interval of 24 hours. GROUP-6: Termed as Mixture group2 receiving extract of Terminalia Arjuna and Draksaristam in Low Dose daily for14 days at an interval of 24 hours. VIRTUAL MODAL: IV. HISTOPATHOLOGICAL EXAMINATION: In this process, the heart will be excised and washed with ice-cold saline. The thick sections are cut and then examined under a light microscope for various histological changes. V. CONCLUSION: As a result, it has been inferred from the biochemical and histopathological evidence that terminalia Arjuna extract and draksharistam extract, both produces significant cardio protective in isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction rats. When compared to normal rats, pre-treated rats have significant protection in prevention of several cardio protective disease .

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