Terminator 2 Reflection

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The movie that i watched and reminds me about Artificial Intelligence and robotics is the classic science fiction film TERMINATOR 2 and shows us what we have still to learn about Artificial Intelligence.Terminator 2 tells the story of two cyborgs sent back in time from the future,one is the T800 which is living tissue over metal endoskeleton which was performed by the most iconic role Arnold Schwarzenegger to protect the future leader of the human resistance;the other (the T1000, a more advanced , space shifting liquid metal model) sent to terminate him.Terminators would potentially be susceptible to physical to transfer knocking them off their feet,even if bullets weren 't able to damage their endoskeleton directly.This is very different to humans,to whom bullets often to do most of their damage.The T800 first gets shot at the shopping mall by the T1000,who unloads a magazine of 9*19mm of handgun ammunition into his back with a muzzle velocity of about 380 m/s and a billet wieght of 7.45 grams,each bullet has a maximum momentum p of:

P= mass * velocity = mv

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Sarah Connor manages to knock the T1000 back a sizeable amount with single shotgun blasts in the final showdown at the steel mill.We dont need to perform any calculations to show this is implausible.For each shot Sarah Connor should feel the same momentum effects as the T1000 that is struck.While she has the benefit of being braced for the shot,its still unlikely the T1000 would be knocked through the air an entire meter,unless it weighed much much less than a human.This also happens in the first T800 Vs T1000 showdown,Where single shots from Arnie 's shotgun throw the T1000 all over the place.Early in the film, a young jhon Connor is shown supporting himself by cracking ATM pin codes using an early portable computer which shows the premise for the technology is realistic.He appears to use a brute force attack,trying all possible PIN combinations.Each digit has ten possibilities,and there are four

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