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Termite pest control in Frisco TX is a year-round service. In tropical or moderate weather areas where autumn and winter temperatures reach 70 degrees, you may have swarming termites in your home. Swarming termites strike in warm, moist weather. In northern climates, you need to be on the lookout for swarms in late spring and summer; in tropical climates, you’ll need to combat swarming termites year-long. During northern winter, you may see termites damage wood or inhabit mud tubes. 1 What Are Swarming Termites? A swarming colony of termites consists of winged adult termites that fly away and create their own colony. Swarming termites usually appear during the day. They usually come from an underground nest in your yard. Look for swarms near tree stumps or decorative timbers. If you find a swarm in your house, you probably have an underground termite infestation. Swarms show up every few weeks or every few hours – there’s no predictable schedule. A subterranean termite colony won’t create a swarm unless it’s three to four years old. Swarms occur at varying times depending on weather and other conditions.…show more content…
You can vacuum them up or save them in a bag for termite pest control in Frisco TX to examine. Killing termite swarms solves the immediate problem, but it won’t eliminate infestations. Even though termite swarms won’t cause structural damage, it’s a good idea to have a pest control service check out your home for underlying infestation causes. If you think you have a swarm of winged termites, be sure they’re termites and not winged ants by calling termite pest control in Frisco TX. Professional technicians will be able to determine what type of insect is invading your home – and how to treat the

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