Terms Of Endearment Analysis

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In 1983, my mother Heather Chorley graduated high school and had just begun a new chapter in her life: college. Having never lived away from home for extended periods of time, college was a very big step for her. December of that year, Terms of Endearment came out. Whether the film was memorable because of the significance of that year for her or because, in just over two hours, it marries together all possible ups and downs of life in a graceful and tear-inducing way, it had a significant effect on my mother. Watching James L. Brooks ' 1983 Terms of Endearment at a similar time in my life as my mother first did allowed me to understand why she was affected by it, as well as realize how powerful a film about life can be, because the themes in Terms of Endearment continue to be relevant today. When I described the project to my mother and asked her to choose a movie, I got an answer almost immediately: Terms of Endearment. Being a freshman in college, my mother’s childhood was officially over, and watching the movie at that point in her life was a large factor in how she was affected by it. "I was old enough to be able to identify as daughter and as adult—not really as a mother”. The movie follows thirty years of the lives of mother Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) and her daughter Emma (Debra Winger). My mother…show more content…
The reason my mother and I had similar reactions to the film was because its themes transcend the years in which the movie was created. "It 's the imperfect humanness of relationship and nature and cancer and life,” says my mother. Because of this, Terms of Endearment is a timeless film. Between the early 1980s and now, human culture in the United States has evolved greatly, but what has stayed consistent is that we continue to have rocky relationships and make mistakes on our journey through life, which Terms of Endearment
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