Terra Travel Informative Speech

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Speech Advertising is used widely in our society and comes in many forms, with varying messages that aim to convey information about a company 's products and the values that they support. These values are then applied to the product being sold, in an attempt to give us a message that connotes certain ideologies, attitudes, values and beliefs. The viewer is then invited and positioned to accept the reading and agree with the values presented, therefore desiring the product due to the values that it connotes. One advertisement often contains many values, major and minor, that contribute to the overall reading of the material. In the Terra Travel "Catch Your Breath" ad., the major values are class and enjoyment. Minor values are also present, such as race and gender. These values are made apparent by the use of various signifiers, through which connotations are formed. Two such values are freedom and enjoyment. The darkness and depth of the lower half of the ad. and the cluttered workspace connote pressure, fear and depression. The…show more content…
Another value that 'Terra Travel ' uses effectively in this ad. is the gender value of masculinity. The fact that the man is working utilises cultural beliefs that men work, while women may or may not, depending on class. The clothing that the man wears, a long sleeved white shirt and black suit pants with leather shoes connote formal, traditional masculinity, as does his short hair. The speedboat also connotes masculinity, as high-speed sports are traditionally enjoyed by men, in Australian culture. The architect 's desk again has strong connotations of masculinity, as in our culture, architects are nearly always men. This allows men in similar working environments and positions (and therefore the same class) to identify with the product. Again, by empowering working men, this advertisement emphasises with the feeling of "drowning in work" that is experienced by many men, while disempowering women and non-working members of
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