Terracotta Calyx-Krater Analysis

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Terracotta calyx-krater (mixing bowl) is a vase attributed to the Konnakis Group. The vase dates back to the late classical period between 350-325 BC. The item was made from fired clay and was painted. It is attributed to the southern Italy vase painters. Painted on this vase is a picture of a comical character performing a scene from a play that was famous in southern Italy during that period called phlyax. The plays often involved gods and heroes and the actors wore padded costumes and masks called phlyakes (, 2016). The comical figures were painted on the black glaze using lively colours mostly including red, white and yellow colors. The drawing was influenced by the Greek culture. The object was discovered in Taranto which…show more content…
The kingdom of Macedonia dominated the Greek world during this period. In 338 BC King Philip defeated the Theban and Athens army and created a group of allies called the Corinthian League to invade the Persian Empire. When Philip died, his son Alexander took the throne. Alexander the great played an important role in expanding the Greek rule. In the next decade after becoming King, He invaded the Persians, the Egyptians, and went as far as India. He expanded Greek culture in part of Africa and Asia. He also encouraged intermarriage between the Greeks and people from other world regions (Bozeman, 1994). Alexander ushered in the Hellenistic Age. This was a time in which the Greek culture mixed with other cultures of the world (Bozeman, 1994). There was a great advancement in sciences, architecture, and art. This age was marked by a relative peace which encouraged travel and trade. It was in this historic background of the Hellenistic age that plays called phlyax developed in southern Italy involving the Greek legends and gods. This was the age when Terracotta calyx-krater were created depicting characters from these geek themed plays. It was also in this historical context that the city of Apila in southern Italy was under Greek influence and
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