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The te rra cotta wa r ri ors Emily Dunn Yr. 11ancient history The terracotta warriors without a doubt should be considered the th wonder of the world. The archaeological discovery has got almost everyone amazed by the sheer size of the army a nd the fact that no two soldiers are the same. The terracotta wa rriors consist of over 8,000 soldiers, but less than 2,000 are on display. The warriors are divided into three pits with a mixture of military rankings in each pit. A large portion of the foot soldiers are found in the first pit, located to the right, a long with one general, higher ranking officers found in the second pit, located on the left, a long with a few foot soldiers. The majority of the standing and kneeling archers along with the chariots and…show more content…
You can identify them as officers or warriors of high importa nce due to their uniforms. There is both a historical reason and a folk tale behind the terracotta warriors. The historical reason is that the current emperor at the time, Emperor Qin, would need an army to accompany him in the afterlife and to grant him immorta lity in the afterlife. The warriors would also serve as protection the emperor 's tomb. Construction on the warriors began in 246BC. The emperor passed away in 210BC a nd the"""8 ',000;F warriors were completed in 206BC.

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