Terrence Cody's Motivation At Home

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Last week Terrence Cody, a former NFL player, was condemned to nine months in jail by a Baltimore County judge for cruelly starving his dog to death.
The photos of Taz, the dog is tragic! And not only show starvation, but also shows the neglect since Taz was locked up in a cage with urine, feces, and his vomit, it was clear that Taz lived in filth!
In January of 2015, Cody brought his dog, Taz, to the vet. The vet was shocked to see how terribly Taz condition was as the dog was hardly breathing and suffered from severe starvation! The dog was critically emaciated and underweight weighing 50 pounds when he used to weigh a 100 pounds! The dog died a few hours later, prosecutor Adam Lippe told the community.

In 2015, Cody, who played for the
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