Harryette Mullen: Poem Analysis

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Poetry is used as a completely separate language on how someone can prompt him or herself, voice their opinions on topics, as well as generate something a person can enjoy reading and writing. What formulates poetry exclusive is that it takes ideas and puts them into humble linguistic that the bookworm can understand and relate to via emotion and imagery. It can also use techniques such as personification, apostrophe, repetition, rhythm etc. in order to form a comprehensible and innovative poem. However, poetry in its form can also be a mystery in how to interpret what the poem’s involvement is or what the connotation behind or the subject of the poem. The construction, as well as the heart and soul that goes into the construction process of…show more content…
A reader does this by unraveling apart the poem into the distinctive stanzas or even the distinctive lines in order to figure out what exactly the poem is trying to articulate or what the student would comprehend as a whole out of this poem. Harryette Mullen, on the other hand, uses the dictionary to describe and procure her point across to the reader. Her poetry is like a conundrum because she crafts very cliché moments in everyday life and builds them non-cliché by being a l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e poet. She derives and references other poet’s work as well as crafting the poem her own. From using words the reader hasn 't heard of to make a famous sonnet by Shakespeare more modern and understandable in this day and age. Harryette Mullen 's poems are more unique to read on the page as well as being a puzzle that is ready to be cracked by either using the dictionary or just saying or reading the poem in a southern accent in order to procure the gist of it and of what Mullen has been trying to convey or the main message that Mullen wants us as readers to procure out of reading her
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