Terrence Williams: Wide-Receiver In The NFL

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As Dez Bryant calls himself, Terrence Williams, and Cole Beasley “America’s Most Wanted” these group of wide-receivers will look to dominate the Giants defensive backfield. When you have the best wide-receiver in the NFL it’s almost a given that you find ways to get your number one wide-receiver the football. Dez passion for the game, how much he loves football, in addition to winning it’s contagious to his Williams, Beasley, as well as Devin Street, and Lucky Whitehead. They’ll feed off of his energy while following his lead. With Dez lining up on the outside defenses have to game plan against him to “try” noticed I said try, and take him out of the game. Defenses can’t put eight or nine men in the box to stop defenses when he’s out there because they know if they do Romo will noticed signal to Dez who will be one on one matchup, then it’s hike step back and throw a fade/go route to Dez and its touchdown Dez Bryant (Throw Up The X).…show more content…
He’s looking to be that big-play wide-receiver that wins his one on one matchups to make teams think about doubling Dez. Also Cole Beasley had a tremendous camp I mean the guy couldn’t be covered at all

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