Terrestrial Pollution In The Philippines

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Terrestrial pollution is the containing of the land through dumping of waste and garbage and the presentation of toxins into the into the environment, in other words terrestrial pollution is the destruction of the earth’s surface area ground either directly or indirectly by human activities , also the harmful concentration of substances that are beyond the environment’s capacity to handle. Land pollution is the largest problem faced in Tembisa and it has become bad enough, it damages the soil and this is caused by the overpopulation of people in this township as a result of informal settlement that is also a problem for the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and the government of the Gauteng province. As they unable to serve
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The community ism practicing an illegal dumping in the public areas such as on the road, next to the football ground, train stations, shopping mall, hostel, near grave yards in the parks and etc. land pollution has becomes series issue that we will realise it once it has affected the world wide.
The terrestrial pollution in Tembisa is caused by the human activities such as:
Garbage: is the domestic waste or rubbish, in this case people of this township have a tendency to dump their rubbish such as baby diapers, dead plants and animals, pads, plastics, papers, bottles, cans, rotten food and etc.
All these things are dumped on the road or street, golf coarse, parks, and etc. When the garbage stay there for about two or more days they burn them, instead of keeping them in their dustbins and take them out when the municipality come to collect the garbage on that section. 3
Sewage treatment: sewage is the human waste and water transported in sewer away from drains, in this township the sewage manholes are situated in the residential yards and when the sewage its blocked it overflows all over the yard and then to the road, by the time the municipality unblocks the sewage manholes,
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Soil is also affected by the overuse of fertilizers and the pesticides, this led to loss of the forest cover, crops in farms and etc. Air pollution is caused and water pollution are caused by terrestrial pollution, in appropriate dumping of garbage have a bad smell and the dust from the building rubbles and the dumped garbage is burned they cause air pollution and the polluted air affect the human health , as the land is contaminated with chemicals and pesticides lad to skin cancer and human respiratory system , also wildlife can be affected as they are threatened regarding to loss of their habitat, food and natural environment . Water pollution is a result of terrestrial pollution as the chemicals and the solid waste dumped near the water are washed by rain in to the river or the stream and lad to pollution of the water.
Terrestrial pollution is the largest issue in Tembisa that needs to be attended as soon as possible because it does not affect only the polluters but also all the innocent things such as the biotic and the abiotic components of the earth and its natural environment and

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