Terri Bowersock Case Study

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Terri Bowersock is a founder of Terri’s Cosign and Design Furnishing. Early in her life, she had a disease called dyslexia. It makes the left side of her brain that organizes letters and numbers in sequence, misfires when she tries to recall how to spell a word, read or do math. Her mom tried so hard to help her learn. But, it didn’t really helpful, she still didn’t understand it, but somehow, she made it through school. And when it came to fill her job application, she realized that she could not fill it. So, she called her father in Kansas ( Terri and her mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona after her parents divorced ) and her father said to Terri to visit him so he could help her. During the visit with her father, she met two ladies who owned a store called “The Clearing House” that sold stuff for other people. Then, she went home and drew her business plan and explained her plans to her mother. After that, Terri and her mother borrowed $2000 from her grandmother. In 1979, Terri opened Terri’s Cosign…show more content…
And after this bankruptcy, she must have a desire to rebuild and make another business with what she had left. And she must be able to focus in her business and pay the debt she had. Or with her experience being an entrepreneurship, she can be a consultant of the business in her previous business, if she didn’t have so much money to rebuild her business. The one thing that makes Terri’s business failed is that Terri hadn’t focus about her business. With her dyslexia, she has a difficulty in reading and doing math, she has difficulty with numbers, so she must be able to make an easier way that she can use to understand the numbers, like she did before with her reading skill. And do not give up, with what she had experienced she can go out through this difficulty and being success
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