Terrifying Reality Of Catcalling

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The Terrifying Reality of Catcalling Have you ever walked down the streets and heard some stranger says “Hi, miss! Pahingi naman ng number mo.” and “Wow, sexy!”? It 's a situation some find unnerving and an invasion of their space, while others ignore it or are even flattered by it. Today, I am talking about a particular form of street harassment which is catcalling and discussing some survival strategies on this. I’m going to point out some ways on how to deal with this when you’re the one being catcalled, when you’re the one who saw someone being catcalled and things you need to know after encountering this issue. I am talking about this in front of girls who experienced or might experience this, as well as in front of boys whose sisters or mothers could be a victim. To those who may not know, catcalling is an act of whistling, shouting, or giving unwanted comments of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. ‘What is the big deal about being catcalled?’ you may ask. Picture this: You’re shuffling along a sidewalk, minding your own business, when suddenly a man going the opposite direction stops slightly in your path to say “Hi, ganda.” It irritates you a little, sure, but you move on. Now picture the same scenario, but at ten o’clock in the evening, on a dimly lit street corner. At first glance, such expressions are absolutely harmless. The issue doesn’t lie in the words themselves, but the context in which they are delivered. Someone who is truly interested in getting

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