Territorial Sovereignty In The Philippines

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Territorial sovereignty means that a right of the State to exercise its supreme power and jurisdiction to govern its territory. It is a possession and ownership of a particular terrestrial, aquatic and space. After the imperialism and wars happened, with recognition of international law, each of states finally secured the territory their own. In the issue of territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea, Philippines come to an effort to lawfully fight what they call their own with the assistance of decision of Permanent Court of Arbitration. A. The concept of Liberalism as the answer to the territorial dispute Among all theories that can be applied to this issue, the theory of liberalism is the best method to elucidate the problem. Liberalism theory views that the peace is difficult to achieve but possible. There is a national interest but the cooperation among states is visible to this theory and that the anarchy can be solved through institution. Applying this to current issue, as to the territorial disputes among neighbor countries claiming that the particular area of West Philippine Sea exclusively the Scarborough Shoal and other islands are part of their territory. As to this issue become trend, Philippine put its effort to diplomatically claim that the territorial disputed area exclusively part of our territorial sovereignty. For the first argument for this issue is that, Philippines seek help to the Permanent Court of Arbitration to resolve the problem

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