Terrorism And Terrorism

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2a. The world has seen a lot and has been through a lot: kings, queens, empires, wars, revolutions, changes, but now it came to a point where it has to deal with terrorism. After the end of the Cold War, terrorism is the biggest problem the world had to face and is still facing, now more than ever. But what is terrorism? Terrorism is the ruthless use of violence and threat of violence, a strategy to obtain certain purposes. It is the killing of innocent people by nongovernmental actors for different reasons- political statements, religion, ideological. (Matusitz, 2013) Researchers are interested in this topic because it is probably one of the most changeling issues for national and international security. Terrorism is linked to refugees and their status, because refugees come from the same countries or have the same religion as the ones who commit terrorist acts in the civilized world. This link between refugees and terrorism is so important and so controversial, because there is a possible correlation between them, but there is no obvious relation of causality. Their link is a puzzle which has not been yet solved by researchers. Researchers should care and do actually care about this link, because by researching it they are trying to solve the problem or, at least, find its ruts. This link is also puzzling because people tend to overlook who refugees really are and why they are refugees. According to The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner

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