Terrorism And Terrorism

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The destructive ability of terrorist groups continues to grow steadily and terrorists have for years proved to be proficient at using modern technology for their own interests. Security personnel world over have on the other hand used technology to combat the ever increasing threat. New and improved technologies have also been invented to try and counter terrorism which has now become a global threat. Mobile phones and the internet have mostly been used by these terror groups to spread propaganda and popularize their agenda, recruit, radicalize and train new members, plan and coordinate attacks and to also solicit for funds from sympathizers.
The internet has been one of the tools that have been used by terrorist groups to further their purposes. Terrorists mainly use the internet to disseminate propaganda. The social media (twitter, facebook and whatsapp) has for long been used by terrorists to spread propaganda. The social media is fast becoming one of their most powerful weapons. They post images, videos and messages about their doctrine which are mainly untruths meant to show that they are superior, gain sympathy from their sympathizers, and even lure more young people into the terror groups. The al shabaab has been in control of various social media platforms and they have in the previous years used them in spreading propaganda. A good example is the @HSMpress twitter handle that is believed to be operated by the al shabaab that usually posts messages of how they have
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