Terrorism And Global Security

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The issue of terrorism and global security has become a very important aspect of the debate in determining foreign policy among nations across the globe. This is because terrorism has become a great hindrance among a nation that has hinder fostering of a free flow of correlation among nations to aid in the socio-cultural, economic, political and technological development of nations globally.
Terrorism has not yet been citified by the definitions presented by many as it has a controversy with it wide perspective according to (Hughes 2000). The reason to these controversies has been due to what terrorism is and who a terrorist is, the ideological beliefs held by some that any action directed towards capitalism is termed as terrorism, while on
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Scholars have proposed different definition over time but each of them tends to be limited in a way. Thus, there is no universally acceptable definition profound to it. (Akinboye 1999). Foreign policy is a tool in the hands of stat which they use to make influence to the external world and to attain certain objectives which in turn benefits the national interest. The Foreign policy basically deals with relations between nations across the international system that focuses on different issues ranging from defense, security, economic, political among others things. The very essence of a country’s foreign policy is the interest which is fundamental to the all-round development of the state.
In finding out the causes of terrorism, there are some major factors that have been proven to be the majors causes of terrorism in states, one of these causes is religious extremism where either the Christian or Muslim religious extremists are trying to overthrow the secular government and replace them with the theoretic ones, for example Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia and Uganda among others, another of the cause perceives operation where countries have problem with sharing of national resources which leads to terrorism e.g.
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The general belief that no state is immune from the acts of terrorism makes it impossible for a nation to guarantee the full security of her country without collaboration from the larger internationals community. Terrorism has diverse effect on the global security ranging from socio-psychological impact, economic and political, which has caused the loss of many lives in the United States in Sept 2001 about 300 lives were lost, the Kenya attack and the bombing of nightclub in Indonesia in 2007, all the effect of this has put the society into a state of trauma, the economic impact which has resulted in government spending hugely in arms and anti-terror infrastructure which the resource could have been used to channel it into another sector of the economy to boost it and the political impact, it has left many nations across the globe in unrest and turmoil especially a ruling party lost an election bid Spain in 2004, Madrid bombing due to the loss of election and Iraq the post 9/11effect of the war has left the country in chaos.

In conclusion, the different feature of this paper close with the look into the measure in which terrorism is checked globally and locally in Nigeria as the effect of the act will continue to suffer the inhibit environment
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