Terrorism And Terrorism In The Film Babel And Rendition

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Babel With a hint of Rendition The films Babel (2006) and Rendition (2007) show how paranoia regarding foreigners and terrorism affect innocent lives. There has been a sort of hysteria regarding terrorism in America and unfortunately the faces that have been attached to it are brown. These films are especially relevant to the happenings in America right now with leaders such as Donald Trump expressing Islamophobic views. In Babel, there are different storylines and each of them is tied together with the gun that starts it all. The tour bus shooting is immediately broadcasted in America as having been a terrorist attack. This assumption wrecks havoc in the characters’ lives. The use of the gun as a way to connect all the characters appeared to be the film’s attempt to unite both the poverty stricken nation and the privileged nation (USA). However, this completely back fires when the movie clearly shows how it is particularly the people of colour, therefore from the poverty stricken nation who suffer the most. Perhaps this was difference in their experience was deliberate. The film is also laced with irony. It is ironic that the nation that is immediately labelled as having terrorists on American television and around the world is one where the people are accommodating to the injured tourist. On the other hand there are the…show more content…
For example in Babel where the police willingly shoot at children because a precious American was injured. Although the kids did shoot at the bus, there is a certain savagery to the way in which Ahmed was shot down in such an inhumane way. American lives are placed on a pedestal where injuring one adult who survived is equivalent to the life of an innocent child. No questions asked, no investigation, a life lost on the basis of an assumption. This paranoia about terrorist is determined by skin colour, if it is brown it qualifies, whether it is man, woman, or child is of no

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