Terrorism And Terrorism

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The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France have led to a global outcry against Islam. With the American President himself accusing Muslims all over the world of being reticent against the rise of extremism in their religion, Islamophobia has reached a never seen before surge, especially in Europe where hate crime against Muslims has grown up to three-hundred percent. Thousands of refugees from the region affected due to the global war on terror, have fled to many countries seeking asylum. There has been a large scale political and social destabilization at the international, which has not only deepened ethnic rivalries, but have caused a racial outcry and new divisions in the society. As a consequence, the Middle-East has become a breeding ground for international politics, most of which is a masquerade for oil politics. Major world powers are misusing their positions to support violent terrorist groups for political means, and there has been a division of loyalty between major world powers in their approach towards terrorism. Terrorism, without a concrete definition has divided the world powers on lines of loyalty towards America or loyalty towards the nations in the geo-strategic region. Which, has only deepened international instability. However, America has claimed time and again, that there is no ambiguity in its perception of terrorism, and it has always stood against the very concept of violence.
But, it is impossible to contemplate about the future, without

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