Terrorism And Terrorism: The Challenges Of Cyber Terrorism

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Challenges of cyber terrorism Cyber terrorism is a politically motivated attack against the computer programs, computer software, data and information which creates violence and exploitation to achieve the political, religious and ideological objectives. Within some seconds and minutes, the cyber terrorists can hack the whole information of the government system and can create hurdles in the communication process. The internet and the email facility makes it easier for the terrorists’ organizations to communicate while sitting anywhere in the world. The cyber terrorists don’t need to go to the targeted country for the attack because they can easily manoeuvre the attack by sitting in any corner of the world through the computer viruses. In the…show more content…
The terrorists can make best use of the cyber technology in fulfilling their aims and goals. The problem is in the implementation of laws of cyber crime. The technology is advancing and with that, the cyber terror crime is increasing but the laws are moving with the same speed. There is a need to update the legislations by the experts and the agencies. They should make that kind of laws that may be able to cope up with the problem of cyber terrorism. The US Department of Homeland Security is trying to combat the problem of cyber terrorism. It also provides awareness to the people. They help the citizens and the workers to make a possible way to securitize them. They are providing enough information and ways to adopt the counter measures like by updating and installing anti…show more content…
They are planning to launch a new attack that would cause huge destruction and destabilize the country and its economy. The military and the economy of the states preferred a lot in the stability of the country. The terrorists by conducting cyber attacks and computer viruses are causing disruption in the military operations and can easily take information. In future; our rapid dependence on internet can create so many hurdles because this threat of cyber attack will obviously increase rather than decreasing with passage of time. So it is very hard to stop flow of information and to secure cyber domain immediately. The only thing we can do is that we should not provide the ways to terrorists that they may easily exploit our personal information and may transfer our state money to their havens. The problem is that by updating anti viruses and also by making firewalls, we can’t secure ourselves and can’t stop the growing threat of cyber

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