Terrorism And Terrorism: The Effects Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a demonstration of terror or violence used to make a nation or a certain group fearful in order to achieve a certain aim. Although it is often characterized as a violent crime carried out by a group of people (terrorists) within a State or An area where majority of people live. There are many kinds of terrorism such as domestic, administrative, communal and other but no proper typology is given. John Philip Jenkins, a Notable Lecturer of History from Baylor University classifies the terrorism into three main types: revolutionary, sub revolutionary, and establishment terrorism . It is considered to be a major problem for the societies worldwide in the present age where the threat of terrorism continues to cause destruction and fatalities for useless means.
Not only terrorism caused a huge destruction locally but it widely effects globally. Effects are not limited to only an area but are destructive worldwide. According to a famous terrorism, disputes talking site ‘terrorismanalysts.com’ the writer states,
‘‘The effect of Terrorism is not limited to its actual victims. The consequences of terrorist attacks often go far beyond the destruction and deaths they cause”
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The framing of media after the 9/11 attack of the Muslim states such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as presenting ‘Muslims’ as terrorist shows how easily these attacks has a violent effect on two countries relation. Further the relations between these countries are disturbed as other attacks happen. Recently US President Donald Trump ordered a ban against the entry inhabitants of Muslim majority states (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya) due to the weekly terrorist activities in

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