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Terrorism is a phenomenon that has developed fairly recently in human history. Especially in the recent decade (2010-present) we have seen a massive surge in terrorist activity in the world and online. The United States hit a turning point after 9/11 that would change our security procedures and laws forever. With the current threats of ISIS and state sponsored terrorism, the need for discussion about terrorism is paramount. This paper aims to establish what terrorism is and provide examples of terrorist events in the past, as well as establish the relationship of criminal activity and terrorist acts and the risk of emergency responders and terrorism.
Terrorism Defined
Title 22 of the U.S. code defines terrorism as “the unlawful
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John McIvor who writes an article about modern day terrorists tactics in Queensland, New Zealand newspaper called the Southland Times. He references the criticisms president Obama received about his aggressiveness against terrorism and is often ridiculed that he cannot say “Islamic Extremism” because he is accused of being secretly in support of it. There have been many recent attacks on targets involving terrorist and most notably the use of “lone wolf” attacks or better known as “sleeper cell”…show more content…
Their can be similarities between the two such as tactics used but they are technically two different ideologies. An example of political terrorism can be the “arab spring” between the revolutionaries (Free Syrian Army) and the established government (Assad). At the beginning, there was sporadic violence between the two but that quickly turned into an all out war. Both sides of the conflict started using bombings, propaganda, murder etc. to achieve their particular political ideology. An example of criminal terrorism are the cartels in Mexico and South America whose sole use of terror is utilized to instill fear into the rival cartels who in the way of them taking all the profit. They will murder innocent family members of cartel individuals to send messages and instill fear to deter rival cartels of occupying certain drug routes. Political and Criminal Terror have the same techniques used but are widely different in terms of
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