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Terrorism has been a problematic issue since the beginning of man until now. Politifact.org contends that terrorism was not always a senseless act of violence against the innocent to get a message across to the government. In earlier centuries terrorist committed “noble acts” of violence. They only attacked and killed nobility and government officials. Although now, the game has changed and with it no one whether a government official or an innocent bystander is safe from an act of terror. The reason as to why there is no one definition is because terrorism can be committed in many ways like for example the usage of social media or through acts of physical terror. Just like everything else in this world terrorism is an ever-evolving idea.…show more content…
When aiming to comprehend terrorism on the local level, acts of terrorism are more individualist acts that harm a small group of people for a political cause. This type of “harm” could be in a physical, mental, emotional, economics or self-motivated way. On the global level though, terrorism is aimed at harming international communities for political means, religious means and even revenge against an oppressed group. Like Sinai says, defining terrorism is an ambiguous task. He goes on to state that by giving terrorism a label, governmental groups as well as society may just be over-simplifying the act of…show more content…
Whether studying its individual impact to its local impact all the way to its economic and global impact there is no one view. Terrorism can be as specific as an act of violence or as broad as monetary funds to a group that feuds a cause for terror. Gus Martin the author to Understanding Terrorism, sees terrorism as extremism that goes on to a more violent level that commits a criminal or otherwise unfair use of force. Terrorism can even be taken into a religious or personal level. Hoffman a keynote speaker at the Peace and Security conference at Syracuse University described targets for terrorist recruitments as countries with a poor economy, a polarized government and high unemployment. Although this statement does hold some truth, bigger countries like the United States have just as high of a recruitment rate. The Atlantic’s data shows that nine hundred cases in over fifty states are being investigated for ISIS sympathizers. 250 of which have attempted to travel to Syria or Iraq to join. Their recruitment age starts as young as 26 and most being

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