Terrorism Impact On Terrorism

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There 's no doubt, that terrorist attacks have a huge impact on the world. "These recent acts of violence are beginning to take a toll on the travel industry. About 10% of American travelers have canceled a trip in response to the terror attacks, eliminating a potential $8.2 billion in travel spending. In a survey of about 1,100 people, nearly one quarter of those said they had delayed travel plans and 187 said they had switched their plans to a destination that they considered safer" (Burke). The bad usually outweighs the good, but in some ways, terrorism is bringing the community together. After an attack at an Ariana Grande concert, a few of the things being offered were free taxi rides and free homestays/hotel rooms. It is sad that it takes something bad like this to happen in order to bring the community together. Gabriella Bernal states in an opinion article: The main goal of terrorism is to terrorize, to spread fear, and to divide. If they can achieve this, then they have won. It doesn 't matter if we are richer than they are, smarter than they are, more numerous than they are: if we allow our countries to be divided, they have won. Being tough means standing together in the toughest times and spreading love and unity where there seems to be none. This is us winning against them, and this is the mindset that will ultimately allow us to defeat this poisonous ideology infecting our planet. (us.blastingnews.com) Some of the more recent terror attacks include a

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