Terrorism In Pakistan Essay

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Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction:-
Terrorism is any act projected to cause death or serious physical damage to inhabitants or non-combatants with the purpose of threatening a population or fascinating a government or a global organization to do or to curb from doing any act. (UN Security Council, 2004)

Terrorism is the phenomenon in which terrible situation is shaped by a group of people who understand themselves as mistreated by society. Neither academic loops nor international community has legal accord concerning the definition of the term "terrorism". Terror originates from a Latin word which means “to frighten” Terror is an act of ferocity against innocents by a group. These groups have no precise relation with governments yet they usually have the financial and moral support of sympathetic governments. Simply, terror is extreme fear. (Zalman, 2007)

The groups that obligate aggression are terrorists and are supported by the common people. These groups of people combat for betterment of real or alleged justice. Terrorists step sudden attacks on civilian targets including schools, bazaars hotels and security forces to create fear and misunderstanding among the residents. Acts accomplished with the aim of
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With the passage of time new problems are introducing in the world. But now a day’s terrorism is the most serious problem which affects the people from various angles. This problem has socio, economics, political, psychological, effect on people, especially on children. But the researcher only studies the socio, psychological effects of terrorism on children. This research report is of immense importance as it is focusing upon the innocent children who have been badly affected by the wave of terrorism In which under research area. Children feel fear everywhere and the future of their children. Terrorism has created problem in the following field for the

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