Terrorism In Pakistan

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• Evaluate the prevalent myths about terrorism in Pakistan. Highlight with reasons and examples that why is it a myth. Terrorism: It is a word used in its broadest sense to describe the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear in order to achieve a political or religious aim. Although the term is in use since 18th century, but its popularity increased when journalists and politicians publicly introduced and used the term ‘’Islamic Terrorism’’ following the 9/11 attacks. Terrorism in Pakistan: Pakistan and Terrorism is used side by side by western Media. Back in 70s during the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviets, when they were on the expansionist…show more content…
Terrorism in whatever case is wrong. It is the killing of innocent people by the non-state militants. There is a handful of amount of people who think that there is a concept of good terrorism as well. This comes from the people of the mentality that these terrorists just want to be heard so they try to gain attention. But this thing, again in no sane way justifies the act of killing people just ‘to be heard’. But even if we do accept this fact that they are doing to this to grab attention but in the span of last 5 years, Pakistani government has tried to begin a dialogue towards settlement, but the terrorists group in Pakistan weren’t ready and incase of any disagreement they would send an extreme reaction, killing hundreds of…show more content…
Not only in Pakistan, but also in the whole world. There is this misconception that all these terrorists group consists of uneducated people and the ones who are really poor and got frustrated and this was the only way to carry out their anger in the form of revenge from an unjust society. Yes, there are some uneducated terrorists as well but these are sent with the bombs wrapped around them, because apparently they’re being of no more use but this. The leading panel of the Taliban groups are mostly educated people. For example in the incident of Karachi bus firing. In which 43 people who belonged to Ismaili community were directly fired at and killed. Later on after the reports came out and some of the killers were identified, it turned out they had their qualifications in computer sciences and belonged to a prestigious institute. There are plenty with better IQ level than normal people. And majority of these belong to a

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