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Terrorism, presents a threat towards all civilised society and Singapore, being a small country in a volatile region makes us extremely vulnerable to the terrorism threat. To the terrorists, the transformation of Singapore into a multi-racial and multi-religion community is viewed as a violation. A publication released by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), named Singapore as one of their targets for being a part of the “crusader coalition”.1 We are located near countries that had experienced recent terror attacks by the ISIS, making us a potential target too. 2 Also, the increase in self-radicalised individuals in Singapore means we need to prepare ourselves for a possible terrorist attack.3 Our nation has established a close partnership…show more content…
The increase in terror attacks in neighbouring countries is a major concern for Singapore. Since 2014, Malaysia had prevented nine attempted attacks from ISIS terrorists.9 Thailand and Indonesia were hit by multiple bombings last year, resulting in numerous death and injuries.10 ISIS linked militants have also taken root in Marawi, Philippines.11 This series of attacks indicates that the ISIS is shifting its attention to Southeast Asia, making Singapore extremely vulnerable to the threat. Another growing concern is the number of self-radicalised individuals and radicalise foreigners in Singapore that were arrested in recent years.12 An Indonesian born Singaporean, Mas Selamat was one of the most wanted terrorist in Singapore for his plans to crash a plane into the airport.13 The threat posed by radicalised individuals is high, as an attack can happen at any time and place with everyday items like knives and cars. As the ISIS propaganda proliferates online, the rate at which individuals are being radicalised, continues to escalate. To recruit fighters, they make use of social media skilfully, making people into believing that they need to kill in the name of God. For instance, Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad was the first Singaporean to appear in the propaganda video produced by ISIS. Featuring a Singaporean in their video just goes to show that their influence is

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