Terrorism In The Modern World

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One of the largest concerns of the modern world has become the war on terrorism and the prevention of terroristic attacks. With the recent growth of the number of attacks committed by the terrorists and the number of their victims, this issue has become one of the central problems in the globalized world. The issue has been widely discussed after the attack of 9/11 in the USA. Referring to this destructive event, it has contributed to the establishment of the United States as the main adversary of the terrorism all over the world. However, in a world that is more and more subjected to the influence of globalization, there was a large shift. Thus, nowadays, terrorism has become an immense challenge for the whole world system, considering the…show more content…
The globalization and the growth of international relations, as well as international tourism, have contributed to the increased threat of terrorist attacks all over the world. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that terrorism has not only gained new forms but also became more sophisticated and more diffused across the world. Respectively, on the modern stage of the issue discussion and development, a single government or a single country is not able to overcome the problem separated from the rest of the world. With regard to this, current situation requires from the world a “systemic protection against the threat of terrorism” implemented through “a global set of customs and immigration controls” and “ using the same standards and sharing databases” (Zakaria 240). In the current situation of simplified traveling opportunities and growth of migration, such approach could turn out beneficial for the so-called “war on terrorism” that is led by global…show more content…
Nowadays, the terrorist organizations correspond have a structure of a non-hierarchical network since “the war on terrorism has made hierarchical structure too easily destabilized to be effective” (Hamilton & Gray 28). Thus, terrorists have more possibilities to conduct the planned actions while the governments and anti-terrorist organizations do not have the possibility to cover the complete networks organized by terrorists. One of the reasons for this is the centralized power of government and respective institutions that fight against terrorism. Even though the modern world system has evolved to involve international bodies of control, including the European Union, World Trade Organization, of the United Nations, the international community still is lacking opportunities to develop a comprehensive campaign against the terrorist threat all around the world. The transfer of such functions to other bodies has also decreased the pressure on the separate governments to solve respective issues so that they have nowadays fewer opportunities for fighting against an immense threat of terrorism in the domestic conditions. However, development of such international organizations also offers an opportunity in combatting terrorism. With regard to this, those institutions might be able to handle the destructive results of terrorist attacks as far

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