Terrorism In The Tourism Industry

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When the effects of terrorism are considered related to the tourism industry and hospitality industry, it is found to be safe to comment that the effect is considered negatively as it reduces the motivation of tourists to travel. For instance, the explosions of bombs in October 2002 killed more than two hundred people while shattering the image of the island being a beautiful and peaceful location for tourists (Korstanje & Skoll, 2013). Bryn (2013) confirmed that it led to the destruction of the reputation of this vacation destination. In the week of attack, the tourist organisations and operators removed their holiday programs from such tourist destinations as the higher season for the tourists was about to initiate. The occupancy levels of…show more content…
Obi (2015) reflected that random acts of terrorism limit the activities of tourism while being in the memories of people until the incidents fade. Chukwurah, et al (2015) argued that the influence of terrorism can be significant in the developed countries. Omoera (2015) gave the opinion that the consequences of terrorism are extended beyond the activities associated with the tourism industry. It is further noted that the sectors involved in hospitality, aviation, and the suppliers of intermediate goods and services along with the investors in the tourism industry suffered significant losses. The severe impact of terrorism on the tourism industry of a specific developed country is due to the competition at global level and the development of tourist destination requires significant investment in the facilities of infrastructure. Manzuma-Ndaaba and Harada (2014) provide that such significant financial commitment in the presence of terrorism fails to attract the tourists while leading towards the slow economic…show more content…
The Nigerian newspaper reported that around thirteen people were confirmed to lose their lives whereas, forty sustained injuries after the bomb blast in the mammy market of Nigeria Army, Bauchi. This report reflected that the terrorists are selective in their target but they do not spare tourist destinations and mammy market is one of the tourist spots in Bauchi. Manzuma-Ndaaba and Harada (2014) highlighted that the issue of insecurity can be considered as the major issues in the country since independence and they issues are transformed from one phase to another arising from political, economic, and social crimes leading to currency counterfeiting, kidnapping, money laundering, and bomb explosion. The most disturbing process is the increasing rate of terrorism recently across the country. For instance, the 50th celebration of Independence Day observed the bomb blast at the Eagle Square Abuja, the venue of the celebration, the Kano motor park explosion reflecting the prevailing insecurities in the country and this explain the reasons of higher crime rates being recorded all these years since 2012 (Chukwurah, et al.,

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