Terrorism Persuasive Speech

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My fellow men and women. There were 29 people killed in our recent skirmish. Those people were taken from our families. The families that loved them with their hearts and souls and tonight we need to talk about how we will approach this problem.

Now, we need to remember that there is a big threat of terrorism rising up and tonight I will tell you what our plan is.

What we need is a new and advanced military that will be used for our defense and offense against the threat. We will be allowing for anyone from the ages 18-50 join the military. Also, knowing basic engineering and mathematics will be required. Our war has just begun with ISIS.

Our allies being Jalex and Saudi Arabia will allow us having an advantage. Our numbers being greater will have us a win. Saudi Arabia will help us be closer to the target, and will allow us to put some boots on the ground. As commander and chief, I have no greater responsibility than the security of my people. We have gone through worse times than to be scared of this moment, this war. I know we see our children as the people from the mass shootings and our friends dead from war, but we
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The tech savvy ISIS will have no chance against us once Anonymous will find ISIS. Anonymous, being one of the best hackers of this century will decode and track down messages sent from the Islamic State to their members who are across the globe. Once found, no bombs will be used. We do not want to harm to innocent people by being given a 50/50 chance of a building spotted. Aequales will try its best on doing what is right. So, once a message will be decoded and we have found the key ISIS location, then we will put ground troops. Saudi Arabia will have the lesser of the troops because of how small their military is. But using Anonymous, Aequales will have more information on the Islamic State. The information will become useful once they get a hold of some ground. We will have the knowledge that will lead us to

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