Terrorism: Terrorism And Terrorism

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Imagine waking up on a random day thinking about what fun it will be - adventures yet to unfold and mysteries soon to uncover. As you take a stroll around the neighborhood, you find the warmth of the sun, chirping of birds, and laughter of children to be soothing and mellow, a feeling of security. Then, suddenly as quick as you found peace, an explosion was heard. The next thing that you know people are running and screaming, bullets are raining from every angle, death scours through the town leaving no stone unturned. You find yourself in the face of an ordinary man behind a black mask and you ask “What is going on?” He smiled menacingly, as he pointed a gun at you, and replied “A Terrorist attack.” As Capitalism emerged, the Philippines was exposed to different cultures, religions, races, and ideologies. Eventually, this diversity of beliefs and ideas led to disagreements and wars. Up until now, it is still plagued with conflicts resulting from that diversity to the point that it had manifested into peace disruption and terrorism. For years, the government had tried to reconcile with the terrorists but of slow progress Having used passive methods such as negotiating and peace initiatives, the government has failed in almost every attempt to bring to back peace. As terroristic threats loom over Southeast Asia, force and violence is the only way to surely impede the progress of terrorism in the country. Terrorism is not directed towards personal gain or criminality. It

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