Terrorism: The Cause And Act Of Terrorism

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“If we destroy human rights and rule of law in the response to terrorism, they have won.”
But who are “THEY”?
The broader aim this paper seeks to achieve is bringing forth a fine line between the “cause” and “act” of Terrorism. Terrorism is the act of instilling fear in the minds of general or specific population so as to ensure disruption of peace in the society. The cause of Terrorism could however vary and may at times be justified from a rational perspective. It is important here to understand that no matter how valid is the cause of conducting a terrorist act, it does not provide adequate sanction to take away the life of innocent citizens.

The violent acts of non-state actors aided by the government or administration of other countries for the purpose of benefiting and achieving the political goals. Though it is very difficult to differentiate between a terrorist and who isn’t or which acts qualify as “terrorism”, as Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, Nelson Mandela (Africa) and at least three Israeli Prime Ministers could be legitimately accused of engaging in terrorist activities, Russian President Vladimir Putin, continues to lead dirty war in Chechnya that could be described as terrorist in the ferocity of atrocities against civilians but aren’t.
It’s the cause and not the act that demarcates, as irrespective of which side you belong to, civilians are dying constantly. Had America not been hegemony and then tried invading

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