Terrorism: The Political And Political Definitions Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a political and strategically concept which is notoriously difficult to define. A 1988 study by the United States Army found that more than 100 definitions of the word have been used. Terrorism may be defined as an act in which element of terror is used to cause panic, fear and intimidation to achieve political objectives. The most comprehensive definition can be given in the following words. “Terrorism is the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against government, public or individual to attain in political objective”. Terrorism can be divided in two categories. It is ‘discriminate’ when an attack is made by a known enemy e.g. American drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan. ‘Indiscriminate’ terrorism can be anywhere against anyone e.g. any bomb blast in a building or market place. Bomb blasting, rumors, plane hijacking and suicidal attacks are some of the ways employed by terrorists. It is shocking to read that the Western Press raises a great hue and cry about terrorism and fundamentalism. Now days it is difficult to classify the movements such as Ku-Klux-Klan, Red Brigands, Irish Republican Army (IRA), Jamil Tigers, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and some religious fundamental movements whether these are terrorists or freedom fighters however the fact is. “One man’s terrorists is other man’s freedom fighter” Islam is a religious of peace, justice and equality. There is no place of terrorism in it. It

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