Social Effects Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a political and strategically concept which is notoriously difficult to define. A 1988 study by the United States Army found that more than 100 definitions of the word have been used. Terrorism may be defined as an act in which element of terror is used to cause panic, fear and intimidation to achieve political objectives. The most comprehensive definition can be given in the following words. “Terrorism is the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against government, public or individual to attain in political objective”. Terrorism can be divided in two categories. It is ‘discriminate’ when an attack is made by a known enemy e.g. American drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan. ‘Indiscriminate’ terrorism can…show more content…
Then loss creates frustration, uncertainty, sense of insecurity and chaos among general public. Terrorism is perhaps the most challenging problem of our time. For some of us effects of terrorism may not have hit some yet but it is just a matter of time. Isn’t it? Can one claim for assurance that we are safe. I guess not every time you stop out of your home you can’t help wandering at the back of your dear ones. In such a situation what should we do? Should we resign ourselves to the fact that terrorist’s activities can’t be checked or controlled? To fight terrorism with an iron hand we need to understand its root…show more content…
The lust for power is another cause of terrorism. For example America wants to become the sole Super Power. To make American hegemony possible it always violates human rights. The terrorists’ actions of America in Iraq and Afghanistan are apt illustrations same is the case with India’s desire to rule Kashmir against the will of Kashmiris. The United Nations Organization has failed in stopping America from waging a war against Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the dire need of the hour that UNO should be strengthened so that any country disturbing peace of the world can be controlled effectively. When we look at the root causes of terrorism we come to know that the aggression always results in aggression and both parties blame each other. This aggression is usually made by a strong country on a poor country. In the contemporary world. This aggression is directed against the Muslim countries of the world. Usama Bin Ladin says in an interview “If inciting people to do that 9/11 is terrorism and if killing those who kill our sons is terrorism then let history be witness that we are
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