Torture And Ethics Essay

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In reference to a bill introduced to Congress forbidding the use of tactics defined by torture; The United States government must consider all of the ethical options and possibilities they have. Torturing anyone is morally unethical but allowing terrorists to murder innocent civilians is against every moral we, as humans possess. As morally just people America needs to find the exceptions in which we are willing to use torture in countering terrorism. As leaders of the free world our government has the responsibility to do everything in their power to protect innocent people and gain the needed information to do so. In order to win the war on terror, officials will occasionally have no choice but to torture the terrorists withholding information to prevent these attacks on humanity.…show more content…
The Utilitarian approach to terrorism and torture asks to “choose the action that will produce the greatest benefits and the least harm” and provide “the greatest good” for the innocent and the masses (Velasquez, et al. 1996). In the case of terrorist attacks and mass murders officials must know what lengths they are willing to go to protect their people and the rest of the world. The war on terrorism is one that The United States has been dedicated to fighting since the attacks of 9/11. Our focus needs to be on stopping the individual terrorists of the world and finding the information we need in order to ultimately end these attacks on civilization and this war on terror. In search for a greater outcome for everyone affected, our government officials have to be willing to do everything in their power to protect the masses. The amount of interrogation and torture that officials need to gain terrorist’s information should be established to protect the possible victims and their rights in any
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