Terry Blair Research Paper

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Terry Blair The name of the serial killer I chose is Terry Blair Terry Blair was born September 16, 1961. He is in prison for life with no possibility for parole. Blair was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Terry Blair was the fourth child in a family of ten siblings. I have found no information about his father, but his mother Janice Blair only finished 9th grade and is believed to suffer from a psychological disorder. My sources don’t state a specific disorder. Crime and poverty is the only thing Terry and his family knew. At age 17, Terry’s mother shot and killed her drug-dealing boyfriend, but she was only sentenced to five years’ probation and psychiatric care. His half brother, Walter Blair, was paid $6,000 to a rape victim so she couldn’t…show more content…
He killed his ex-girlfriend Angela Monroe who was seven months pregnant with his child. He killed her after finding out that she was a prostitute. He was sentenced 24 years on account of second-degree murder. After spending 22 years in prison, Terry Blair was released on parole in January of 2004. Over the next few months he switched between living with his mother and living with his sister. His next murder occurred on or before July 14, 2004, only six months after being released on parole. The dates of kidnapping and death aren’t known for sure. Anna Ewing was the victim and she died of strangulation by her own clothes and a broken neck. On the second of September, the bodies of Patricia Wilson Butler and Sheliah McKinzie were found under a tarp in an abandoned garage. Sheliah McKinzie had remnants of semen in her vagina and rectum, indications of rape. She died by strangulation and a broken neck. Patricia Wilson Butler’s body was too decomposed to know exactly how she died but modus operandi assumes that she was strangled with her own clothes and suffered from a broken neck. Darci Williams, Carmen Hunt, and Claudette Junial were found dead on September 4th with broken necks and strangulation bruises. These were the murders Terry Blair was convicted of committing, but he was also accused of the murders of Sandra Reed and Nellia
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