Terry Fox Character Analysis

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Terry Fox

Terry Fox is Canada’s most acclaimed hero; he was an inspiration to virtually all who heard of him. He is best known for running a marathon across Canada to support cancer. Fox was also a victim of cancer and was forced to have one of his legs amputated to stop the spread of cancer. The eventual metastasis of cancer to his lungs forced him to end his quest prematurely, and ultimately cost him his life. Conversely, he left behind a lasting legacy and raised millions of dollars towards cancer research; he managed to exceed previous self imposed expectations, thus making him a success transcending time itself. I believe the factors that enabled Fox to accomplish such extraordinary feats can be found in his character traits.

I will start with his overdeveloped sense of empathy, which was the catalyst to his quest to raise money and awareness for cancer. Fox endured sixteen months of chemotherapy, and while at the hospital, he was moved by the plight of other cancer afflicted patients in his ward. Fox found it unfair that some of the patients would not be able to walk away, but he would. Consequently, this prompted Fox to decide to live life in a fashion fit for a person
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Determination is what kept him running, ever pushing the envelope of what his body could handle. Terry Fox inspired not only the people of that time, but future generations to come. Fox’s sense of integrity, and absolute selflessness made him a role model for old and young people alike. Fox symbolized much of what is best about Canada; his legacy will forever uplift Canadians and all who are exposed to his accomplishments. My personal take away from the Terry Fox story is, never give up, if Fox could do it with one leg and a body full of cancer, what I can I accomplish? I believe, although Fox died without finishing the marathon he embodied
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