Terry Fox Run Research Paper

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Annual School Terry Fox Run: Fighting Cancer Problems On the afternoon of September 29th, the entire Guildford Park 's student populace and teachers gathered in the courtyard to complete a stage five run in the spirit of fighting cancer. The energy was almost tangible and the music was blasting, and all for a worthy cause. More than 9,000 communities across Canada take place in annual Terry Fox runs, with the official runs happening on the second Sunday of September. Guildford Park Secondary 's annual tradition of the Terry Fox run was put together by the recreational leadership class volunteers and the P.E. department. Available to everyone in a non-competitive atmosphere, participants can raise funds for fighting cancer by completing the run to the best of their ability.…show more content…
“It 's emotional,” spoke Mr. Koehn, a socials teacher. “He was so young. It is hard to even imagine myself in good physical condition even attempting what Terry did while suffering through cancer. It really gets to people, the message is powerful. When they showed the video in the morning announcements there were people sniffling in my class.” All donations gathered from the weeks leading up to the Terry Fox run by volunteers were directly given to the Terry Fox foundation, where 84 cents of every dollar goes toward funding cancer research. Over 700 000 000 $ worldwide has so far been raised, and every bit was helpful. So far there has been no cure for cancer, so this fight against cancer will continue even after these runs. It is a long road to take, but nonetheless a worthy one to follow. “I 've been running the Terry Fox runs outside of the school for awhile now, even bringing my son along with me since he could walk,” said Ms. Phan, an avid supporter of the run. “People tend to forget about Terry Fox after high school, as if cancer is no longer a problem to them. I believe it is important to maintain the values he has exhibited and continue to support cancer research even after high
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