Terry Tafoy Documentary Analysis

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1. Pull out your favorite quote from the documentary. Explain why this resonates with you and how it relates to the topics associated with this section 's reading.
It wasn’t until the end of the video where I heard my favorite quote by Terry Tafoya, “I think that’s the way of being two spirited, trying to figure out what not automatic but what’s most appropriate for you. What feels best both in terms of your gender or sexuality.” How that relates to the readings is the Gender Binary discussed in chapter one or two, what makes a person male or female. As the book explains, we all have different glasses on how we define or see a person’s gender identity. Instead of society stereotyping for others on what makes us too masculine or feminine, we should focus on our own happiness.
2. How does the discussion of sex verses gender emerge from this documentary?
In the video they have different Indian Americans who are being interviewed about two spirited people biased on their tribe’s culture. What stood out most in the video was in 12:34 where a male Berdache Indian explains the miscommunication of speaking English instead of his native language. There are not words in the English speaking language to describes the term of being a Berdache, a person who
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Adopting the Indians belief, Americans wouldn’t be confused on gay and two spirited falling under the same category or term. Being two spirited or a third category is focused on the spiritual side of being the opposite role rather than the physical appearance that exist strongly in the gay culture. UCLA English professor Paula Gunn Allen expresses in the video people who identify as gay, lesbian, or two-spirited can be suppressed or shamed upon loved ones in their lives. Instead of uneducated people thinking it is a choice, it is not but an otherworldly feeling that some male or females get at an adolescence age or
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