Terry Tempest Williams Metaphorry

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In William’s narrative essay, “Why I Write” she informs a wide range of metaphors of why she writes and how she feels about it. To begin with, she expresses herself by using the metaphor “I write with a knife carving each word from the generosity of trees”. ( William’s 7). With this intention, She is comparing carving to writing and when she says “ generosity of trees ” she means the paper that she uses to write on comes from the generous trees. William’s feels a sense of joy whenever she writes and she thanks the trees for that. Finally, the carving is a way of her having freedom with her thoughts. In addition, Terry uses another metaphor that says “…and then I realize, it doesn't matter, words are always a gamble , words are splinters from the cut glass.”. In detail, Williams is comparing her words to splinter, and those words are always a gamble. She means that words could sometimes be good or bad because when gambling, you could either win or lose and in that game, words could either make you feel good or really bad. By saying “words are splinters from the cut glass” she's emphasizing that the bad words are the splinters from the negative people that is the cut glass.…show more content…
Overall, it may be said, “Why I Write” by Terry Tempest Williams Is an essay that uses many smilies and very few metaphors, but over all she really puts more depth and more thought into the metaphors that she used so they were more meaningful I
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