Racer's Resource Case Study

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Matt Grant, a graduate from University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business has been put in a position to make a very hard life changing choice. Matt is married to his Wife Margy, who is also a graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a law degree. The Terydyne Corporation currently employs Matt as the purchasing manager and one of Matt’s old bosses opened up a privately owned company by Terydyne in San Diego, California. Matt jumped at the opportunity to work out there and move his family. Within 6 months of settling in, Matt saw a business opportunity that presented itself with Race Place publication. This publication was directed toward athletes specifically, runners. Matt has a new founded love for running and saw some major opportunity to expand on this publication and make his own. Unfortunately, the economy tanked and the company had to make some cuts, which included Matt. The company offered him a severance package; which he is very unhappy. Matt is forced…show more content…
Matt Grant is at a crossroads and is considering starting his own business called, Racer's Resource. This publication is distributed bi-monthly, free in the Boston, Massachusetts’s area targeting runners in the community. Racer's Resource informs area runner's about upcoming events by providing schedules, application forms and most importantly sign up information for any upcoming race. While Matt resided in San Diego, he had access to a similar publication that set off his business minded light bulb. In this paper, five questions will be examined and answered in regard’s to Matt Grant’s decision to take on a new business or move back to New Hampshire. Matt's potential publication's business model will be examined, how the market affects the business model, some risk and rewards involved and what he should expect monetarily to support his
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