Tesco Accounting Report

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Introduction The main objective of the paper is to develop a report for a shareholder that will interpret financial statements of Tesco Plc. for 2013-2014. The shareholder is specifically concerned about the fraudulent reporting. In this way, the paper will explain the reason of income statement and statement of financial position. The paper will calculate the financial ratios of company that will be interpreted with the implications of ratios. Moreover, the paper will describe the indicators of fraudulent reporting.

Purpose of Income Statement
It is also called profit and loss statement or income or expense statement. The main purpose of income statement is to indicate managers and investors whether the organisation was cost-effective
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Also many companies reporting related to the state of the value added or environmental information, these are concentrated in industrial sectors. The financial statements reflect the financial position of company, financial performance and cash flows of the company, it is significant to note that the correct depiction of the impacts of transactions and other events and circumstances according to the explanations and criteria identification of assets, liabilities, income and expenses go in the same outline (Brealey,…show more content…
However, financial performance subsists with different levels of organisation, which is concerned with measuring financial performance of organisation. These measures are categorised into four that includes profitability, gearing, liquidity or working capital, and investor ratios. However, the financial plan of organisation is associated with operating plan since financial plan involves revenue and expenses for the activities that are linked with each objective. Hence, the main reason, in monitoring financial plan is to audit the committee (Hasan, 2011).
The main success factors of budgeting process in Tesco are completely based on interpreting objective with the financial measures. However, another success factor is accessibility of resources, which is based on various resources like physical assets of human resources. However, another success factor is communication along with the cooperation of organisational levels related to budgetary process that control by informing the management about the approved budget (Brooks and Mukherjee,
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