Cash Flow Analysis

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Week 8 June 1 – Accounting Statements and Cash Flow The topic that I have learnt today is on accounting statements and cash flow. The statement of cash flows contains the operating, investing and financing which are primary in business activity. Inflow is when the money are received and not necessarily earned. Whereas, outflow is when the cash is paid and not necessarily incurred. The information you get from the cash flow statement can help evaluate the company’s ability to meet its obligations. The lecturer also shown some format examples of the statement of cash flow. Besides that, the lecturer also show as the steps in constructing the statement. Overall, I have learnt that the cash flow basically is the money inflows and outflows. I can…show more content…
However, nowadays this skill is missing in many accounting graduates which is a common failing in graduates in applying for jobs. They lack commercial awareness because they did not read many newspapers, journals and magazines to enhance their general knowledge. Commercial awareness can be defined as the knowledge and understanding that relates everything about the business. The commercial awareness is important because with this skill, the person can operate professionally. In contrast, without this skill, the individuals would not know what is going on around them. It takes time and effort in developing the knowledge which came from the work experience, networking and news (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.). To conclude, commercial awareness is a very important skill for my future employment and general knowledge. Therefore I can learn the skills during my research for my upcoming…show more content…
Nowadays, people skills are crucial in the workplace environment as the machine are starting to replace human beings in doing things such as manufacturing. In this mechanized era, people that have higher chances of being employed are those who are primary in people skills and teamwork. This traits are hard to find in young job applicants. Cognitive and social skills are important in the workplace therefore students are encouraged to develop these traits and be fully equipped so that they will have a higher chance to be employed in the future. Think before you talk is the best way not to offend other people. There are some advantages of having well developed social skills. Firstly, you can have more and better relationship as you can bond with many networks of friends. Besides that, you can have better communication when you talk more as you can talk more fluently as the time passed by. Moreover, it can bring greater efficiency for which you can efficiently deliver what you want to say when you have better communication skills. In addition, it can help in advancing career prospects. For instance, a leader that have good social skills can lead others effectively can help build teamwork which can lead the company to a success. Furthermore, it can increase overall happiness. For example, a manager who can communicate well with the subordinates can lead the success of a company because everybody can help each other out when
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